Over the years I have used a number of masseuses in the Sutherland Shire and found Mikhail to be the best.... He is concerned with making sure that the pressure is the right one for me... after my weekly massage I feel terrific. I have no hesitation in recommending him to everyone and anyone if you want complete benefit from a massage.

Susan Lappan, Miranda

It is no wonder Mikhail is always busy, his massage really cant be beat!

Rachael Hampton, Interior Decorator

I have suffered from stiff neck and shoulders for years and tried a variety of treatments. Mikhails deep massages are at last giving me hope to achieve some mobility. His professional approach and skills are excellent.

Raymond, Solicitor - Parramatta

I found the over all experience to be fantastic. Ive been to more than 10 massage therapists in my time and I found Mikhails technique wonderful. He checks with you more than once that the amount of pressure he is using is ok with you. Fantastic value for money.

MKrissy L

I get very excited every week when I know its my day for a massage from Mikhail. Hes the cheapest you can find anywhere but dont think for I second that quality is compromised. Hes also the best you will ever find. I thank god I found Mikhail & recommend him to anyone. Do yourself a favor & try him at least once. You wont regret it.


Before seeing Mikhail I wasnt very keen in receiving massages from previous experiences. The very first time I saw Mikhail I was hooked. Mikhail has very unique techniques and is extremely skilled and I feel a thousand times better the minute I walk out the door every week. He is the best value for money and would recommend to anyone whether you need a relaxation massage or sports massage or something in between

Adriana M

I have been seeing Mikhail weekly and he is helping me greatly in getting over an illness that I have had for four years. His deep tissue massages are allowing me to move a lot more freely and are very good. Not only that it a pleasure to see him every week and enjoy his company.

Robert J

3 years I have been going to Michael, he is the best Masseuse I have ever been to. He knows the body and can fix any problem I have had. He massages spots that most therapists wouldnt know about and you feel great: He makes himself very available and will see you ASAP. Do yourself a favour, establish contact, have some messages, get to know him and you will have someone who cares and will keep you free from pain!

Diane W

I first went to Mikhail last year following ongoing back pain due to sitting at a computer desk for long periods and the strains of bending and carrying a toddler. I can honestly say that I have not been to any other massage therapist or physiotherapist that has produced the same excellent results. Mikhail has always been flexible with appointment times and endeavors to fit me in around my busy schedule. I recommend him to anyone as once you had just once massaged with Mikhail you will definitely be back.


Early 2001 I strained my lower back, I was only 2 weeks into a new job and was worried about not being able to work, my father suggested I see this man Mikhail for a massage, I had nothing to loose so I went along and he massaged my back and I was blown away with these magic hands this man has, I was able to go to work the next day and kept my job. Since then I have been coming to see him whenever I had any problems and he fixed me every time, my wife and I travel from Rooty Hill twice a month for a remedial massage. We love the way he respects his clients and that he is the most honest and sincere person you could find, do yourself a favour and make contact with Mikhail for the best massage this side of the moon.

Brain N

In Feb 2008, I had severe pain in my lower back and hips, and was unable to stand up stand up straight. I called Mega Therapy; Mikhail came to my home, as I couldnt drive safely. After I hour of treatment I was able to get off the table and walk easily. The first treatment was painful, but well worth it for the results. Mikhail has a gift for finding the problem, and correcting the muscles.


I am fifty years old and had been suffering upper back and neck problems for years. I had been seeing a chiropractor fortnightly and receiving regular massage therapy. This was not entirely successful and I had daily discomfort. I have been seeing Mikhail now for nearly six months and no longer have daily discomfort of any kind. I thank Mikhail sincerely for his weekly massage which has corrected all my upper back and neck problems.

Brad Steeles, South Cronulla

I cant go one week without visiting Mikhail. I have never has relaxation and results from any other massage Ive tried. I also introduced to him to my friends by hosting a massage party and they all agree!

Cathy Ellis, Grays Point

I visited Mikhail for Mega Therapy for stiffness in my neck, back and thighs. He has the amazing ability to isolate the problem areas rather than just treating the symptoms. Every time I visit Mikhail I feel such a positive difference. I recommend him to anyone seeking relief from back and neck problems.

Lisa Becker, Marketing Manager.

This massage therapist may be the best youll find. He can do a deep massage and work out my knotted up muscles. I suffered from headaches before seeing him but dont get headaches provided I see him every month. He's not registered for you to receive $ from health funds, but his price is also lower than most so it evens out. Hes always open so if you need a massage late at night he will accommodate. Ive been seeing him every month for 2 years!


I have been seeing Mikhail for over 3 years. As a chronic migraine sufferer I have been to many massage therapists over the years, and none have been able to give me the relief the Mikhail has. He is a great listener and is excellent at working on problem areas. When you ask him to focus on specific problem areas you can quickly feel the relief in the spot. If you want him to work harder he will. If you want him to be a bit more gentle he will. I am very satisfied with the results from Mikhail and would highly recommend him to anyone, from those who need remedial massage to those who want a relaxation massage.


Mikhail has magic healing hands, He will find spots that are tight that you never even knew were there and when releasing them he makes your whole body feels amazing. I have suffered from a tight neck and back since school with no relief from chiropractors, physios and numerous massage therapists. He always makes sure the massage is hard or soft enough to suit your problem of the day and ensure that you have relief before you get off that table. He communicates and genuially cares about all his clients which is very hard to find these days. I would recommend Mikhail to anyone and everyone...he is truly amazing.

Toni Maree

I have been seeing Mikhail for coming up to two years. He helped me ease my pain through my pregnancy and the ongoing strains that carrying baby brings. He also massages my husband and helps ease the pain of his arthritis. He knows exactly what to do and I couldnt for a better service. The price and operating hours is fantastic. I highly recommend him to everyone especially pregnant women.


I first started seeing Mikhail when my husband was receiving his massage back in 2001 I suffer from bas headaches and also a tilted pelvis since I have been receiving massage from Mikhail I always walk away feeling 100% he has the most magic amazing hands you will ever come across god bless for Mikhail you are and always will be the best.

Melanie N

I have suffered from neck and back pains for a number of years. I have tried a number of massage therapy services in the Sutherland Shire. I reach the advertisement in the local free Shopper Saver Newspaper for Mega Therapy, and though I would give this service a try. I have been going to Michael for a number of years and am still as satisfied today as I was when I first tried his service. I will and have recommend Michaels massages to anyone suffering from any type of pain in their body.


Mikhail has been a great help to me, I have had lower back discomfort for 8 years seem physios, chiropractors and many different massage therapists, in the 3 months that I have been seeing Mikhail I have felt so much more comfortable playing sport and in day to day activity that I dont think about my back at all. Add to that he is a genuine bloke who puts himself out of his way to help people. Thank you Mikhail.


I was recommended to Mikhail one year ago, and neither myself nor my back have had a more positive year, Mikhail is a true professional with a wonderful understanding of his clients needs, until a week ago I was in a maintenance stage with my back, unfortunately I injured my back recently and I was very lucky that Mikhail could see my urgently, after one treatment I was realigned and on with my life.......thanks Saint Mikhail


I have been seeing Mikhail for nearly 6 years. I started seeing him after the birth of my first child as I had so much back pain and he fixed it ! I have been going ever since even through the whole pregnancy of my 2nd child. He has a special pregnancy massage chair also. Mikhail is not only fantastic at his job but he is one of the nicest people I know. He is a honest man who I often refer to as having 'magic hands'


I have been seeing Mikhail for 18 months. I work every day all day on a computer and play a bit of sport. Therefore I suffer with neck and back pain. I have tried a number of therapists over the years, however none of them are close to Mikhail. He is a professional. He is able to find the source of pain and works very hard to reduce the the soreness. He is very generous with his time and extremely flexible with his appointments. I highly recommend to anyone with an injury or soft tissue issues.


I have been seeing Mikhail for the past couple of months since throat surgery, he has helped with a stiffness and soreness in my shoulders and neck region. Mikhail is extremely knowledgeable and can locate areas of soreness, in which he works quite vigorously on to assist with my condition. Mikhail is professional throughout and I would highly recommend to anyone with a muscular issue. I will continue to utilise his services.


Prior to seeing Mikhail, I had been having severe back and neck strains, all of which were intruding on everyday business. On top of this, I have been suffering with Sciatica for quite some time. I had seen a number of physiotherapists before finally ending up with Mikhail, none of whom even come close to the satisfaction I receive at Mega Therapy. After the first session, I had noticed a dramatic difference and have been continuing to see Mikhail for the past year, having not the slightest problems with my back or Sciatica. Mikhail is truly a hidden gem of the Shire, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone, whether it be for therapeutical reasons, or just for a relaxing massage.

Helen Sylv

I have been seeing Mikhail almost weekly now for some months and he has helped me with a problem with me left foot being numb and tingling in the toes. I originally went to him as I too sit in front of a computer every day and get very tight in the neck and shoulder area. He is very helpful and delightful to deal with. If you need a professional massage for whatever reason go to Mikhail. PS you have to love the heated massage table in winter Thanks Mikhail Helen C


I had been seeing osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and other specialists requiring MRI's and x-rays, plus tried many inflammatory medications - spending countless dollars and time hoping for some relief from lower back, middle back and neck & shoulder pain Unfortunately as a child I suffered with seizures from 11yrs old until around 46yrs old, when I reached menopause. All of the violent reactions associated with seizures left me with spinal disalignment problems. I must have spent thousands seeking help with not much relief. Some massuers gave me mild relief but none so rewarding as Mikhail from Mega Therapy in Sylvania. I have been having treatment from Mikhail since February 2011, initially fortnightly for the first 6 treatments, now monthly. Not only do I feel a huge difference with my flexibility, I am also with renewed energy and not so tired as I used to be. Mikhail is very considerate of your pain - he actually wants to repair you! With his magic hands I have felt much relief and I am truly grateful. For new clients Mikhail offers good deals for 3 visits. I urge you to call and make an appointment for any kind of injury being it wear & tear or sports related!! I highly recommend Mega Therapy, Sylvania!


I've been seeing Mikhail since being pregnant 3 years ago. He is fantastic, I'm work on computers and suffer with a strained neck which results in bad migraines. One visit and the next morning I wake up new. And the best part is he fits in with my schedule open till late!


I have had a back problem for years that caused pain down my right leg. Three sessions with Mikhail and I was able to play a full game of soccer pain free. I wasted so much time and money on Physio - I wish I'd been recommended to Mikhail years ago.


Best massage ever. Deep tissue and can fix anything

Jason H 47

I have been to Chiropractors, Physiotherapist, acupuncture and others message therapist, but none compare to Mikail. When you go to Physio or Chiro, you spend 15 minute being worked on and walk out with your wallet feeling lighter and only feeling only slightly better. With Mikail, you spend a full hour and feel awesome. I have been to other massage therapist closer to home, but they can never live up to standard of Mikail, so I would rather travel the extra 20 minutes to visit him anytime.

Susanna G

I started seeing Mikhail over 3 years ago when I had issues with neck and back pain, and got instant relief. Even though I don't have any particular chronic problem, whenever I experience pain or constriction in any part of my body, I phone Mikhail and he always manages to sort out the problem in one visit. Sometimes I just come along for a relaxation massage which is always wonderful .Mikhail is a friendly, honest and sincere massage therapist who I would recommend to anyone.... and I have, many times.


I cannot say enough to compliment Mikhail, recently he was away in Egypt for a month and let me tell you when he came back you could hear the collective "ahhh" from everyone who rely on his ability to help us overcome injury and keep our bodies ticking over. A true gentleman and professional who has helped me get through numerous back problems and other sports related injuries.


My name is Dan i have been involved in contact sports for many years always obtaining injuries of all descriptions and have been to many different chiro,s, physio s and doctors . Iv always obtained the same result from them. Which has been Long amounts of rest and most times no result. I have been seeing Mikhail for many years when i have had an injury and the problem has always been resolved without the need for un necessary visits He is unbelievable I could not recommend anyone more highly Thanks Mikhail Dan

Tom F

Mikhail is a true gentleman who has magical hands. I go to Mega Therapy to help me recover from an enduring sports schedule and found that Mikhail is great at finding problems and healing them straight away. He is also very flexible with his hours and never too busy not to see his valued clients. I completely recommend visiting Mikhail if you haven't already... Tom.


Words can express how thankful I am to Mikhail, his hands are like magic.... for so long I have suffered lower back pain until now.. I would recommend anyone who wants a great massage to go here. he is fantastic and a lovely man who makes you feel comfortable from the start.Thanks Mikhail Marisa

Mario Near

What more can i add ,all my life i have been seeing doctors, physios you name it since the age of 16 i am now 48 YO . I have been seeing Mikhail now for 4 years the best years of my life my back pain mainly lower back pain has been relieved thanks to Mikhail. A real nice fellow is Mikhail, a more genuine man i have yet to meet. Yes Mikhail IT FEELS GOOD. Mario.


My whole life i have had lower back pain, and have tried all sorts of therapies and none have ever relived the pain for a substantial time like Mikhail at Mega Therapy. Actually every time I am walking back to my car after a massage i always feel like i am missing something.. then when my relaxed brain catches up to logic, i realise i am missing the pain in my lower back.. I cannot recommend Mikhail enough, he a lovely person & conducts his business very professionally. He will always make time to fit you in, my life is a hectic one at the best of times, but i know that i can call mikhail in the late afternoon and be pretty confident that he will make time for me before the days out. I have introduced many friends and family to Mikhail and now they are regular clients of his also. Thanks Mikhail!!!! cheers lea


I first went to Mikhail last year following ongoing back pain due to sitting at a computer desk for long periods and the strains of bending and carrying a toddler. I can honestly say that I have not been to any other massage therapist or physiotherapist that has produced the same excellent results. Mikhail has always been flexible with appointment times and endeavors to fit me in around my busy schedule. I recommend him to anyone as once you have had just one massage with Mikhail you will definitely be back!


I have been seeing Mikhail for coming up to two years. He helped me ease my pain through my pregnancy and the ongoing strains that carrying baby brings. He also massages my husband and helps ease the pain of his arthritis. He know exactly what to do and I couldn't ask for a better service. The price and operating hours is fantastic. I highly recommend him to everyone especially pregnant women


Mikael is simply the best and his healing hands have eased my sore neck time and time again. As a long term Mega Therapy client,...